Minecraft Snapshot 21W06A Adds New and Improved Cave Generation

Players can now explore the new “Noise” cave systems in Minecraft: Java Edition.

Since 2009, Minecraft has taken over the gaming world with its addictive block-building adventure, and 11 years on, they show no signs of wanting to slow down. Recently, we have seen in the Nether update, a rare breed of purple block called the Crying Obsidian and although Minecraft’s ‘Caves and Cliffs Update’ won’t be released until this Summer, players of the game will get to try out one of the biggest changes coming to the update early.

What does the Minecraft snapshot 21w06a include?

Minecraft snapshot 21w06a has been released with new “noise” caves and aquifers. Those who love to explore the waters will particularly enjoy this update allowing players to explore lakes deep beneath the Minecraft world. The new ‘Noise caves’, a technical term and has nothing to do with sound, means players will receive a more diverse and thrilling adventure within the Cheese Caves and Spaghetti Caves.

This update is only available on the Java Edition so you may have to wait for a while if you don’t have it. This is obviously an early snapshot to the Caves and Cliffs Update, so there could very well be a few bugs floating around. Here are two that you need to be aware of:

  • You’ll be unable to open old worlds in this snapshot as there is currently no upgrade path towards the new world height
  • All caves of the new type between y31 and y63 will be flooded with water

For a full run-down in detail of the patch notes as well as the fixed bugs and all changes, head on over to the Minecraft website.

Minecraft is now available on PS4Xbox OneXbox Series X|SNintendo SwitchPC, Android, and iOS. The game recently received a new free skin pack for Lunar New Year 2021.

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