Minecraft Surgery Mod – How to install and what is it?

Minecraft has grown immensely in popularity in recent times, and the game shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There is a major Caves and Cliffs update slated to release for the game this year itself, and it all set to add tons of new content to the game.

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while, you might be well aware of the different mods in the game. Mods are an integral part of the PC gaming community and they add a number of features to games making them quite exciting to play.

Minecraft Surgery Mod – What is it?

Recently, popular Youtuber Tommyinnit made a video on the Minecraft Surgery mod which has made it quite popular. This mod allows users to literally open up people’s body in the game, and replace the organs with anything. Sounds fun isn’t it? Here is a complete description of the mod.

Chest Cavity Mod 1.16.5/.16.4 introduces a new storing system into the game and interestingly, it is players’ own bodies. With a crafted Chest Opener, players can burst open their own body. With such ability, players can research, replace and cure themselves off any acute diseases. Furthermore, the prospects to acquire prowess from other entities are made a possibility, as you can gather their organs, replace it within your own body to be as fast as a horse, jump high like a rabbit and witty like enderman. Be careful, however, the procedures to replace your own organs constitute threatening to one’s own life. Interestingly, you can also store normal items into your own body.

This is quite a fun mod and can allow for a number of creative things that can be done in the game. Putting Ender guts in people makes them teleport while putting while Llama lungs makes them spit. There are numerous other things that players can try out with this mod.

Minecraft Surgery Mod – How to install?

To install Minecraft Surgery Mod, players need to head to 9minecraft and download the mod using the link here. Do note that you will need Minecraft Launcher Vanilla and Fabric Installer for Vanilla Launcher as well. Once that’s done, Start Minecraft and select the Profile which has Fabric installed. Go to AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods and put the mod files in the folder. Start Minecraft again and the mod should work.

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