New Valorant Skins Leaked – Two New Collections Coming

A new LTM is also coming to the game soon.

Ahead of the new update set to be released February 17, new Valorant skins have leaked. The leaks come courtesy of Twitter user ValorantLeaks.

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer FPS, developed by Riot Games and is available now for Microsoft Windows.

New Limited-Time Mode Coming To Valorant

The new Valorant skins that have leaked will not be the only new content coming to the game. It was recently announced that Valorant would be receiving a new limited-time Escalation mode. According to Riot Games, the new mode is a casual, fast-paced, mode designed for fun social players and perfect for encouraging players to practice with new weapons.

Escalation is extremely similar to the famous gun-game from Call of Duty. Players must kill and race through a cycle of different weapons and abilities, and must advance as a team through twelve different escalation levels.

The first team to finish level twelve, or whichever team is furthest along within ten minutes, wins the escalation. The Valorant website informs players that not only does the mode involve advancing as a team, but you will also be required to get at least one kill with each weapon to progress.

New Celestial Bundle

The Celestial Bundle features a black and gold look, and are similar to the other Lunar New Year skins that have been released in Riot Games’ other titles. The new Skins featured in the bundle below showcase Ox-themed artwork, to celebrate the year of the Ox. In my opinion, compared to the GO Volume One bundle, the Celestial skins are much cleaner and sleeker in design.

Players will need to spend 7,100 Valorant Points to get the full Celestial bundle. While each individual gun skin will cost 1,775, and the melee skin will be 3,500 points.

New Go Volume 1 Bundle

The Go Volume One bundle features an anime-inspired lineup of skins, which I imagine be a big seller amongst players. The skins also showcase five of Valorant’s own agents. All of the skins can be found in the tweet below, courtesy of ValorantLeaks.

For players to purchase the complete bundle it will cost 8,700 Valorant points. Each gun skin will cost 1,775, and the melee/kunai skin will be 3,550 points.

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