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Alpha also extended into May.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s alpha has now entered its fourth and final phase, meaning players now have access to all their hard-earned toys from the main game – and will continue to do so until the alpha wraps up on its new, later end date of 5th May.

More specifically, phase four of the Odyssey alpha integrates a recent snapshot of Elite Dangerous’ base game – taken on 23rd April – so that participants can make use of any Commanders, ships, ship customisations, fighters, SRVs, and so on acquired up to that point.

Frontier is also reducing transportation times and transportation costs so players can quickly access their belongings, no matter where in the galaxy they might have left them while galavanting around the main game.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – Release Date Trailer.

Additionally, a number of core gameplay features not previously available in the alpha have been brought in for phase four, meaning players will get the clearest idea yet how impactful Odyssey’s additions – primarily focussed around on-foot traversal and first-person gunplay – will be on the existing space sim experience.

As of today, 28th May, alpha participants can take advantage of Wing Missions, Powerplay, Tech Brokers, Search and Rescue contacts, plus Research Station services contacts. Frontier reminds players, however, that any progress made in the alpha will NOT be carried back over to the main build when Odyssey launches proper.

Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion comes to PC on 19th May, with a PlayStation and Xbox release currently currently expected to arrive some time this autumn.

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