Overwatch Summer Games 2021 – New Skins, Release Date, and More

Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced the return of the Overwatch Summer Games Event for 2021. Players will be able to get their hands on plenty of brand new skins, jump into new modes, and plenty more.

The popular multiplayer FPS is well known for its lucrative events, but it doesn’t get much bigger than the Summer Games. Here’s everything you need to know about the next Overwatch event, including the expected start time and release date.

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Overwatch | Cross-Play Launch Trailer



Overwatch | Cross-Play Launch Trailer






Overwatch Summer Games 2021

This year’s Overwatch Summer Games Event will kick off on Tuesday, July 20th. According to Blizzard Entertainment, fans can expect the new Summer Games Event to last for 3 weeks, coming to a close on Tuesday, August 10th.

As well as plenty of new skins, some of which can be seen in the official trailer, fans can expect the return of Lúcioball. The returning mode is exclusive to the seasonal event and is a fast-paced 3v3 match that lasts for four minutes. During the allotted time, players must score as many goals as possible to win the match.

The popular game mode usually has a different spin on it each year, so fans can expect Lúcioball with a twist when the Summer Games event kicks off this Tuesday.

Summer Games 2021 Start Time

Although an official release time was not given by Blizzard Entertainment, players will likely be able to jump into the new Summer Games Event at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM BST.

This information is based on the start time of previous Overwatch events. If an official start time is revealed by the developers, we will update this article.

New Skins

Fans can expect the upcoming event to include plenty of brand new skins, but the 2021 Summer Games will also include the return of skins from previous seasons. But, if you’re just interested in all of the new skins arriving on July 20th, here’s what we know.

Blizzard has confirmed that Mermaid Symmetra as one of the new releases, you can check out the new mermaid-themed variant in the tweet above.

Other new skins that can be seen in the trailer are for Ashe, B.O.B, and Mei. Check out images of the new skins below, and expect plenty more to arrive when the event kicks off tomorrow.

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