Patch Notes, New Ghosts, Small House Level

After a long wait, the new Phasmophobia Beta update has finally arrived today (June 11th, 2021), and here’s everything that has arrived with the update.

Developed by Kinetic Games, Phasmophobia is a popular Indie horror game. Millions of worldwide players love playing the 4 player online co-op psychological horror title with their friends.

Every once in a while, the developers release a new update for Phasmophobia to improve the game’s performance. Generally, most of the planned content is updated into the game’s public Trello board.

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Phasmophobia Announcement Trailer



Phasmophobia Announcement Trailer





A few days back, Kinetic Games teased a brand new update for Phasmophobia. However, this time, the devs kept everything about this update a mystery. Well, after keeping players in suspense for a while, the devs have finally released the Beta Branch update.

Phasmophobia Beta Update Patch Notes

As expected, the latest Phasmophobia update introduced two brand new ghosts in the game, ‘Yokai’ and ‘Hantu.’ Surprisingly, a new small house level has also arrived with the update.

Other than that, the developers have added a way to reset files if they get corrupted. Also, the new update has optimized the Ghosts orbs spawn.

Anyway, here are the Patch notes for the latest Beta branch update:

  • A small house level
  • New Ghost Types: Yokai and Hantu
  • New daily challenges
  • Added a way to reset the save file if it gets corrupt
  • Added a bad word filter for usernames and room names
  • Changed the smudge stick smoking time to the same as the ghost delay during a hunt
  • Optimized the ghost orb spawns
  • Added a sell button for items in the store
  • Added text below the map in the truck to show the name of the level
  • Moved the Truck closer to prison
  • Added a delay for flashlights on/ off to prevent spamming them with macros
  • Split high school corridors into separate areas for the ghost

Besides what we’ve mentioned, the developers also resolved several bugs. You can refer to the tweet below to read the rest of the Phasmophobia Beta Branch patch notes:

You can also follow the latest development in Phasmophobia game on Kinetic Games’ public Trello board here.

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