Phasmophobia Update Today (July 8)

Phasmophobia has received a new update, which makes a number of interesting changes to the game. In the past few months, Phasmophobia has witnessed a lot of popularity, surpassing many popular games and receiving a lot of acclamation from fans and critics alike.

The developers have been consistently working on bringing new stuff to the game, and quite recently a major update was released for Phasmophobia. In that update, two new ghosts were added, ‘Yokai’ and ‘Hantu.’ Alongside that, there was a new house level as well, along with some new daily challenges.

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The update managed to rekindle the hype around the game, and players are having quite a lot of fun trying out the various things in the game. Now, the developers have released another update for the game, albeit a small one.

Phasmophobia Announcement Trailer



Phasmophobia Announcement Trailer





Phasmophobia Update Today (July 8) – Patch Notes

The latest Phasmophobia update is quite small, although there are some interesting changes. The voice chat system has been changed to Dissonance, which should improve the overall voice chat experience in the game.

Along with that Yokai and Hantu’s spawn rates have also been decreased. You can find the complete patch notes of the latest update below.

  1. Replaced the voice chat system from Photon Voice to Dissonance.
  2. Both Yokai and Hantu will no longer have an increased spawn chance.
  3. Willow Street House will no longer always show on the contract selection map.
  4. The versioning system has been slightly changed to make it clearer what each update is.

While this update is relatively small, the developers do have a lot in store for fans out there. There is a complete Progression Overhaul in works, which will be including Objectives Rework, Equipment Rework, Levelling Rework, Money/ Rewards Rework, and Difficulty Rework. We are not yet aware of when these will be added to the game, but you can follow the Trello board for updates.

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