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With the new Far Cry on the horizon, Dark Horse Comics has something to tide you over until its release.

The Far Cry universe is blossoming this year as we head towards the release of Ubisoft’s next instalment into the popular game franchise. As we have recently seen in a brand new Far Cry 6 trailer showcased at this year’s Ubisoft Forward, fans got introduced to Dani Rojas as well as a very cute little sausage dog named Chorizo.

Far Cry 6: Resolver Gameplay Trailer | Xbox E3 Conference



Far Cry 6: Resolver Gameplay Trailer | Xbox E3 Conference






For those of you who enjoy a side of comic books to go along with their main of video games, Dark Horse has the very thing for all of you Far Cry aficionados. In February, the popular comic provider and Ubisoft announced that they would be teaming up to bring the world of Far Cry to the pages of three separate comics.

With issue #1 already hitting the shelves last month in May, Far Cry: Rite of Passage #2 is right around the corner that sees fan-favourite villain Pagan Min make an appearance.

A brief summary of what the next adventure will entail has been posted on Dark Horse’s website “The value of family is shown through the fateful demise of a man who saw no bounds to what he was willing to sacrifice for his ends–the notorious Pagan Min.”

Far Cry: Rite of Passage #2 Release Date and Where you can get your hands on it.

Far Cry: Rite of Passage #2 will be available to purchase on June 30th, 2021. Of course, you can head right over now and pre-order it if you wish. It’s up to you which version you’d like as there’s a digital copy for $3.99 if you just can’t wait to get stuck in or the physical copy for $3.19 to add to your comic collection.

As you can see from the beautifully styled cover, the artwork has been done by Brazilian artist Geraldo Borges while the vibrant colour was completed by Michael Atiyeh.

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