Rod of Ages – Riot Explains Why It Was Removed from League of Legends

Missing from the beginning of Season 11, Riot Games finally reveals the reason behind the removal of Rod of Ages item from League of Legends.

When it comes to populated multiplayer games, it’s always tough to keep all the community happy. League of Legends is Riot Games’ biggest title to date and people just can’t stop playing it. However, sometimes the developers have to make decisions that might seem unnecessary to players, and that’s why League of Legends designers have recently answered some of the community’s burning questions, including the removal of some items such as Rod of Ages from the game.

The developers simply pointed out three main categories that if an in-game item falls into any of those, should be reworked and if the rework didn’t get it out of the category, then it has to be removed from the game. Below you can find those categories:

  • If they violated game health principles for counterplay, like Hextech Gunblade as a point-and-click tool for assassins.
  • If they had overlapping purposes with other items, like Statikk Shiv being very similar to Hurricane.
  • If they were near-mandatory first purchases for certain champions in a way that couldn’t be shifted to be more flexible, meaning they’d still end up restricting choice for those champions if turned into a Mythic item (Rod of Ages was a necessity for mana champions who needed health and wanted to scale; Hextech Gunblade’s sustain and hybrid AD/AP stats made it a requirement for many hybrid damage dealers).

In the case of Rod of Ages, specifically, the game designer behind League of Legends believes that the item violates two principles of the Mythic items: satisfaction and choice. According to the developer, Rod of Ages was only used by a handful of Champions and it was too powerful for the Champions who wanted it to consider other options. Apparently, the team behind the game has already tested various versions of Rod of Ages as a Mythic item, but when balanced, users felt like they were irrelevant for too long while waiting for their Mythic item to scale.

League of Legends is now available for free on PC.

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