Scavengers is a brutal and bitterly cold multiplayer survival game with a great slide

After playing Scavengers for a couple of hours, I felt cold. Like, to the bone. I’d frozen to death a few times from an impromptu storm that had caught my teammates and I on our heels. My character, arms wrapped tightly around themselves as I ran as fast as my limited stamina would let me to what I hoped was shelter, simply couldn’t take the cold any more, and died. We were inches away from a fire. Such is the harsh world of this new game.

Scavengers, from Seattle-based studio Midwinter Entertainment, is a PvEvP third-person shooter survival game with elements of battle royale. You are thrust onto the frozen wasteland that is future Earth in a team of three and charged with capturing more datapoints than any other team. You must then exfil the planet on a dropship with those datapoints in tow to win.

You begin with nothing. You then, as the name of the game suggests, scavenge for loot – weapons, items, resources, things you use to kill stuff and things you use to keep yourself alive. Your maximum stamina depletes over the course of a match as you perform actions such as sprinting, but you can regain it by eating food. Other items give you brief respite against the cold. You’ll need them.

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