Shadowlands Update 9.0.5 – Mythic Keystone Gear is Now Upgradeable

With the new change coming to Shadowlands Update 9.0.5 you can upgrade Mythic Keystone Gear up to level 200.

Although the Shadowlands Update 9.0.5 is still in the PTR servers, it’s going to make its way to the game eventually sometime in the near future. With the reward system of the game focused ultimately on the Great Vault for the dungeon-focused players in the endgame phase of Shadowlands, Blizzard tries to bring more new ways for getting rewards and items. The first one is the return of Valor points that will allow you to upgrade Mythic Keystone Gear.

According to the developer’s recent statement, they are trying to flesh out the rewarding system with more relevant ways without bringing back the random upgrade systems such as Warforging. By making the gears achieved from Mythic Keystone Dungeons upgradeable, you will be able to spend Valor points to tweak the gears up to level 200. If you complete all eight Shadowlands dungeons at Mythic 5 or higher, the cap will increase to level 207. This will get you a new Keystone Explorer achievement, but if you already have got the existing Keystone Conqueror achievement the cap will be level 213 for you. If you manage to acquire the Keystone Master achievement, the upgrade level cap will 220 for you, which is the highest cap available.

Aside from the Mythic Keystone Gear, the new update will bring more improvements to the Legendary items and Covenant class abilities that have been under-picked by players lately. There will also be some fixes down the line with the Shadowlands Update 9.0.5 to wipe out some of the game’s annoying issues on the PTR servers. If you see a bug that hasn’t been fixed yet, make sure to report it to the game’s support team.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is now available on PC. Despite a few delays in the launch date, the expansion received mostly favorable reviews from outlets around the world.

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