Smite Boots Removed In Update 8.7

Several players are wondering why there are no boots in Smite. That’s because the latest game update has removed boots as an item.

Apart from the changes in items, we received a lot of new content in the latest Smite update, including the Stranger Things Battle Pass, new skins, and lots of bug fixes as well as adjustments in the game.

But the removal of boots in Smite came as a surprise to many as this item has been there in the game for a very long time. So keep reading to find out why they have been removed, how this will impact the movement speed, and how developers will compensate for this change in the game.

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Smite x Stranger Things – Battle Pass Trailer



Smite x Stranger Things – Battle Pass Trailer





Why Smite Boots Were Removed

Boots have been present in Smite since its inception and it served an important role for players. At the beginning of the game, the movement speed of characters remains low and boots serve as a cheap and stat efficient way of gaining to begin rotating and grouping up.

However, Smite boots came with their own drawbacks. First, these became such a necessary item that not building boots resulted in death in many situations. Second, several Smite modes didn’t have the same considerations for keeping the speed low at the start of the game. Finally, boots take up an item slot which limited item expression during the early and mid-game.

Movement Speed Increased To Compensate

Now that Smite boots have been removed, players will now gain 18% Movement Speed over their first 7 levels.

This will ensure that all players gain incremental speed with each level, instead of a sudden spike when they finish boots. This will also change balance quite a lot and introduce a large shakeup in builds.

Now, those items that previously felt too slow to build or utility items that had to compete with getting boots online will work differently now. It will affect power curves as all boot upgrades have also been removed from the game.

With no boots and shoes in the game, other elements like Elixir of Speed have also been removed as they don’t have much of a purpose anymore.

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