Starcraft Concept Art — All of The Best Pieces Released From the Vault

Have you ever wondered what Jimmy Raynor looked like in 1996? Well, Blizzard has opened the Starcraft concept art vault to show you.

Blizzard is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary in the run-up to BlizzConline next week. Today, they’ve taken the celebration to the next level by opening up their content vaults to give fans an inside look at early concept art for its biggest games. As a lifelong fan of the company, it’s always fun to see where some of my favorite franchises came from. The Starcraft concept art they’ve been sharing today has been quite the trip. I’ve collected some of it for you below. Check it out.

First up, is this fascinating early look at the game’s three races. You can absolutely see the heart of each race. The Terran is pretty much spot on, as is the Protoss. The Zerg looks a little like the Overlord unit, but it’s much fatter than I remember. Though, that could just be the 1998 graphics talking.

Here we get two shots of Jimmy Raynor sitting on his hog. I’ve seen Chris Metzen’s original version (on the left) before, but it’s neat to see Wei Wang’s updated version alongside it. Obviously, there have been some big changes in the game’s art style over the last 30 years, and this mashup shows that very well.

Obviously, there is so much more Blizzard is holding back in the Vault. Hopefully, over the coming days, we’ll see even more Starcraft concept art come to light. Either way, next week is sure to be a fun one with BlizzConline kicking off. Make sure to check back to see what all got announced at the big event.

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