Tales of Arise New Party Members Revealed At Summer Games Fest

Tales of Arise revealed two new characters for its playable roster at Summer Games Fest 2021.

Tales of Arise will seemingly have six party members in total, as two new more were revealed with a new trailer.

The two new characters are Dohalim Ilcarus and Kisara. Note that the official spellings for each character’s first names were revealed on the Japanese Twitter account for the game. The trailer’s Japanese dub version was not published yet.

Tales of Arise – Dohalim, Kisara profiles revealed

Short profiles for Dohalim and Kisara were shared as well on Twitter:

Dohalim is an eccentric person and a noble from Rena, and yet treats people from Dhana like friends. Dohalim has a deep knowledge of not only music, but also poetry, collecting antiquities, and many different arts.

Kisara is a soldier who believes the people of planets Rena and Dhana can coexist peacefully. She’s from Dhana and a Dhana soldier who serves Dohalim. She’s one of the strongest soldiers of the Dhana army, which exclusively only accepts Dhana people. Kisara is also highly regarded by the soldiers of Rena, and in fact she also uses Rena equipment.

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Note that a mysterious, hooded character is also teased in the new Summer Games Fest, likely a major antagonist of Tales of Arise. As we can see them clashing swords with our protagonist Alphen.

Instead of eight or more characters, six party members seems to be cemented in as the new usual for the series. This was also the case in Tales of Berseria, the latest console game.

Tales of Arise is coming on September 10, 2021 on PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

Tales of Arise – Gameplay Showcase



Tales of Arise – Gameplay Showcase






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