Team Fortress 2 April Fools 2021

Today, you might hear a lot of promising and exciting news, but unfortunately, most of them are only jokes, including Team Fortress 95, this year’s TF2 April Fools joke.

There’s no doubt about how hugely popular Team Fortress 2 is among the gamers in the world. One of the most played multiplayer games on Steam and probably one of the most addictive ones, thanks to its incredibly entertaining modes, maps, and gameplay.

Every year on this day, you hear dozens of April Fool’s Day jokes from various companies across the world, including video game-related ones. Team Fortress 2 has also been involved in the April Fool’s Day in the past years, and hopefully, this year is no exception. Let’s see what’s this year’s TF2 April Fools joke.

What is Team Fortress 95?

If you pay a visit to the official Team Fortress Wiki website, you will face a strangely odd interface, welcoming you to the Wiki page of Team Fortress 95. In fact, the website has traveled back in time to the era when Windows 95 was like magic in the world, and now the devs announce Team Fortress 95 for the latest masterpiece of Bill Gates and his friends.

If you click on the game’s April 1st Update link, you will see a list of fun and nostalgic patch notes available for Team Fortress 95. Below, you can check them out:

  • Upgraded Team Fortress 2 to Team Fortress 95!
  • Added a new taunt to the Mann Co. Store: The Dustbowl Default.
  • Added rd_asteroid to the Competitive mode map rotation.
  • Added the Unusual Trade Up system
    • Players can now change 5 untradable Gen I and Gen III Unusuals in exchange to a tradable Gen II Unusual.
  • Added four new AI bot names: Crate Depression, Spaghetti Code, Leaked Code and Alyx.
  • Added a vote to enable or disable cheats.
  • Updated MvM money to adjust for inflation.
  • Updated Casual to host 100% crit versions of cp_orange and trade_minecraft by default.
  • Updated dairy products such as Mad Milk to deal +20% damage to lactose intolerant players.
  • Updated the Tomislav
    • Damage increased by 33%
    • Additionally, the Tomislav is now equipped with a rifle scope so that the Heavy is able to counter the Sniper more easily.
  • Updated ctf_2fort and plr_hightower to add invisible walls in the middle of the map to avoid capping.
    • Developer notes: Players often complain that matches don’t last long enough, we feel that this is the best approach to please these players.
  • All weapons are now allowed in Medieval Mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing certain crates not granting an Unusual upon opening.
  • Fixed a bug where bots would sometimes become self-aware on empty servers.
  • Removed Pink as Hell and The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime from the Mann Co. Store due to reports of players appearing severely obnoxious.
  • Removed Afterburn as it was too confusing for new players.
  • Sappers can now be attached to sappers.
  • Removed all other maps from Competitive mode map rotation.
  • Sandviches thrown by enemies are now poisonous and will drain players’ health rapidly.
  • Added the tenth class.

Regarding the patch notes above, which one do you like the most now? Team Fortress 2 or Team Fortress 95? Let us know in the comments!

Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer game available now on PC, Android, and iOS.

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