Valheim Draugr Bow – How to Craft the Draugr Fang

Here’s how to craft the Draugr Bow in Valheim.

Not a day goes by without some Valheim chatter recently. The Viking-RPG is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing early access games in Steam’s history. Developers Iron Gate confirmed that after only 13 days, the game had hit over two million Vikings and hit a peak concurrent player milestone of a staggering 360,000 players.

With so many players playing such an intricate game, there are bound to be a range of questions and queries that pop up. One of which is how to craft the Valheim Draugr Bow, known as the Draugr Fang. Here is our guide on how to do exactly that.

What is the Valheim Draugr Bow?

The Valheim Draugr Bow, or Draugr Fang, is one of the best bows in the game. It can be crafted after players have cleared the Swamp biome and beaten the Bonemass. After defeating this enemy, players have the ability to find Silver – the final piece to the Draugr Bow puzzle.

The Bow has a maximum durability of 250, with piercing stats up to 56 and poison stats up to 20. To upgrade the Bow this far, however, players will need to get their forge level to 5. It also adds has a 3x backstab bonus and 20 knockback, however, does come with a -5% movement speed penalty.

What items do you need to craft the Valheim Draugr Bow?

Surprisingly, the majority of items needed to craft this Bow are very easy to find. To craft it, players need:

10x Ancient Bark
20x Silver
2x Deer Hide
10x Guck

Ancient Bark can be gathered from Ancient Trees in the Swamp Biome. Silver is a little bit trickier to find. It can be found in the Mountains area of Valheim where players will need to have the wishbone equipped. From there, in the Mountains, players will need to look out for a flashing area, in which they can dig to find the ore.

Deer Hide can be dropped by Deer or found in Chests in the Black Forest and Meadows biome and Guck can be found in Gucksacks in the Swamp biome.

After grabbing all the crafting materials, players will be easily able to craft the Draugr Bow.

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