Valheim Portal Guide – How to Build Portals And How to Teleport

Using portals for teleportation is one of the smartest way to travel in Valheim.

With Valheim‘s big open-world map, where dangers loom around you everywhere, it’s important to travel safe and keep yourself out of trouble while you haven’t reached your destination yet. It’s almost impossible to stay out of threats in Valheim when you step into some locations for the first time, but building Portals and using teleportation as a way of traveling, will help you to stay safe in your next trips to the locations you’ve seen before. That being said, teleportation through the Valheim portal has its own limitations.

Step 1 – Build Portal

For unlocking the Valheim portal structure, you will need to get two Surtling Cores first. As we talked about it earlier, you can find Surtling Cores at Burial Chambers in the Black Forest, but you should prepare yourself for a big fight as you will encounter many Skeletons and Ghosts.

After you achieve the cores, now it’s time to get 20 Greydwarf Eyes. This, again, require you to kill some Greydwarves and then pick up their eyes as drop after dwarves’ death.

Finally, you are going to need to collect some Fine Woods, which require you to have Bronze tools, and crafting those tools will be tied to Smelter and Forge structures which we already covered in our previous guides.

Step 2 – How to Teleport

Now that you have all the resources above, build a portal in the place you want to be the entry/exit point. Collect the required resources once again and build the other end of the portal in another place that you want to travel to/from. Keep in mind that you should tag both portals with exact same letter or sign to make it clear that which two portals are linked.


Portals cannot be built in some places such as Burial Chambers, Troll Caves, and any other places that usually are being secured by guards and soldiers. Moreover, you cannot teleport some items with yourself. It’s been mentioned in the description of each item that whether it’s safe to teleport or not. Metal ores, for example, cannot be teleported.

That being said, there is no distance limitation for portals which makes it possible to travel from one side to another side of the map in a blink of an eye.

Valheim is now available on PC through Steam as an Early Access game.

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