Valorant Patch 2.06 – Possible Release Date and Features

Valorant has been completely killing it lately with its constant updates, changes, and additions. Here’s what’s up with the Valorant 2.06 update and release date.

As patches continue releasing for Valorant, the game keeps getting better and better.

With the 2.06 patch coming any day now, players have been more eager than ever to know what’s new.

Here’s everything we know about the Valorant 2.06 patch’s release date and features.

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Valorant 2.06 Release Date

To be clear, the 2.06 patch doesn’t have an official release date at the current time of writing. However, looking at past updates, additions, and patches can help us get a general idea of when an update might be coming. As first reported by GFinity, it looks like the 2.06 release date will be tomorrow, March 30.

This is based on the fact that Valorant updates usually come on Tuesdays and that it’s been several weeks since the last scheduled update. Hopefully, the 2.06 update will fix some of the bugs that were introduced with the addition of Astra to the roster and take care of some quality of life fixes as well.

Valorant 2.06 Patch Notes

Currently, there are no official patch notes for the game just yet. That said, it seems like some of what’s to come have been discussed on the game’s sub-Reddit. u/rycoux, a developer at RiotGames, said in response to an issue with Yoru’s fake footstep ability:

“We have some changes coming very soon and will be diving into the decoy shortly after. We totally hear your feedback on the power deficit on decoy and will be investigating some changes to that ability.”

Other than that, other patch notes are still just speculation.

When the official 2.06 patch notes release (hopefully tomorrow) we’ll make sure to give this article an update.

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