When is the Steam Summer Sale 2021

Over the years, there have been a number of gaming platforms on PC, but hardly any of them have managed to match the popularity of Steam. Be it in terms of the features, or the library of games it has to offer, Steam manages to outperform its competitors in every segment.

One of the most anticipated events Steam users eagerly wait for is the periodic sales which take place in the platform. The sales offer huge discounts on a large number of games, including AAA titles, indies and much more.

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In the previous few sales, Steam has been adding a number of new events in which players can take part. This not only gives them a chance to earn a number of rewards such as emoticons and wallpapers but also get some coupons which can be redeemed for further discounts.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Free New ‘Mountain’ Map Trailer



Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Free New ‘Mountain’ Map Trailer






When is the Steam Summer Sale 2021 – Start Time and Date

According to the When is the next Steam sale website, the next steam sale will be starting on June 23rd, which is a couple of days from today. The Sale will be starting at 5pm GMT. Do note that this is the worldwide timing.

That means, irrespective of your location, the sale will be live at 5pm GMT all over the world. Keep in mind that we don’t get flash deals anymore, so it’s not quite beneficial as such to log in at the exact time when the sale starts off.

In fact, the servers are down for quite a number of hours after the sale goes live. This usually happens due to the large amount of traffic the website and the application receives during that time, which overloads the server. It’s quite difficult to have successful purchases during the initial few hours.

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