Ark Maewing & Noglin – How to tame, Spawn Codes, Location Guide

Ark: Survival Evolved has received the Genesis Part 2 Update yesterday, and fans are quite eager to experience everything the new update has to offer. With the sequel to Ark not likely coming before next year, it seems like there is a lot more to come although Genesis Part 2 is the final DLC for the game.

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Ark Genesis Part 2 adds tons of new creatures and items, along with a plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements. Two of the most popular creatures that have been added to the game are Maewing and Noglin. Here is all you need to know about taming, finding, and spawning those characters.

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – Launch Trailer



ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – Launch Trailer





Ark Maewing – How to tame, Spawn Codes, Location Guide

The Maewing is a platypus-type creature that can fly. One of the traits of the Maewing is that it has the habit of stealing enemy offsprings. Imagine a flying platypus with kidnapping issues, and the Maewing is what you get.

If you are looking to tame a Maewing, you can do it in a number of ways. The easiest way to knock it down with a Tranquilizer Dart. However, high-level Maewing will not get knocked out with one dart and just escape. If it flies away, you can probably try shooting another one in order to take it down.

The second way is to knock down a Maewing is by using traps. You can place bear traps on the ground and place some honey on the trap. This will help you in luring the Maewing. Once it comes on top of the bear trap, you can knock it out with a bow or a club (lower levels are harder to knock out with a club) and you can tame it. You can also build a tower-like structure, lure the Maewing with honey, and then close the structure with pillars to trap it.

Once you have a Maewing knocked out, simply drop some Superior Kibble and wait until it’s hungry to tame it. You can then put a saddle on it and then ride it. As far as the location is concerned, it is quite easy to find them all over the map. You can find an abundance of them between 30 and 40 latitudes and 60 and 70 longitudes.

  • Spawn Command- SDF Glider 1 100

Ark Noglin – How to tame, Spawn Codes, Location Guide

  • Spawn Command- gmsummon “brainslug_character_bp_c” 100

The Noglin is another tricky little creature. Don’t let its appearance fool you, the small creature is capable of controlling the minds of Survivors and Creatures, and can prove to be quite useful.

So where you can find the Noglin? Noglin can be easily found at Rockwell’s Gardens and Rockwell’s Innards. As far as taming it is concerned, it is quite tricky to tame it. Just like the Troodon, Noglin’s can only be tamed by sacrificing your tamed creatures. If the tamed creature is too strong, it might end up attacking you itself, so you need to be careful of that as well.

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