Ark Update Patch Notes February 11, 2021

Love Evolved is back.

Ark: Survival Evolved has become one of the most popular survival games in the world. Players craft, fight a variety of creatures and survive in a living, breathing work. The game was released in 2015 and is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Studio Wildcard, developers of the game, have also regularly released updates to help keep Ark fresh. The latest update has just gone live, so here are all of the Ark update patch notes for February 2021 and the information on this year’s Valentine’s Day event.

Love Evolved 2 – Ark Valentine’s Day Event

The Love Evolved event is back in Ark: Survival Evolved. Taking place between February 11 and February 18, the event sees players complete a range of activities, receive a bunch of bonuses and have the chance to unlock lots of new items.

Players can catch Valentines Coelacanth during this event. This can be caught for candies, chibis and chocolates. The game will also increase some bonus rates with breeding, taming, XP and harvesting rates all set to 3x.

In terms of new skins and items, players can grab the Valentines inspired skin shield and sunglasses skin, both of which are brand new. There are also five new chibi’s, the Crystal Wyvern, Mesopithecus, Otter, Enforcer and Velonasaur. The update also adds a range of new wild creature colors including Lavender, Deep Pink, Dark Red and many more.

There’s also an opportunity for players to get the Flirty emote and the Box O’Chocolates and Valentines Dino Candy items.

Ark Update February 2021 Patch Notes

Alongside the Valentine’s Day event, the latest Ark update makes a couple of other changes. They are as follows:

– Can no longer carry/base Corrupted Dinos
– Notes have had their character limit restored to the previous value (no longer cuts off after one line)

Ark: Survival Evolved 2 Updates

Since its announcement back at The Game Awards last year, we’ve received no updates on Ark: Survival Evolved 2. Not too many details are known about the title, other than the fact that Vin Diesel will be a central character!

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