Cold War: Gunfight Tournament – Rewards, Rules, How To Register

The new Gunfight Tournament is officially live in Cold War, we’ve put together everything you need to know about the new tournament, including what rewards you can grab from competing.

The new Gunfight Tournament was included as part of the Playlist Update that was released on April 8 for Cold War. If you haven’t checked out the full patch notes from the update already, you can find them at the link below.

Cold War Gunfight Tournament Structure

If you want to take part in the new Gunfight Tournament, you’re going to need to know how it works. Here’s the full structure broken down.

The Gunfight Tournament will require you to team up with a buddy, as it’s a 2v2 game mode. The Tournament is divided into 4 competitive rounds, these are Preliminaries, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals.

All you need to do is eliminate your opponents, you’ll only have one life each and once you lose a match, it’s game over.

Every competitor will be assigned the exact same loadout, and it’s then the first team to win 6 rounds will then win the whole match. However, the loadout will change for everyone after 2 rounds.

Once a tournament goes live, players will have 5 minutes to register for the next one.

How To Register for Gunfight Tournament

Registering for the new Gunfight Tournament isn’t difficult, you’ll have the opportunity to register every 5 minutes.

The Gunfight Tournament begins on April 8, and will run for an entire week, finishing on April 15.

To jump in all you need to do is head to Cold War on your preferred console and navigate to the Gunfight Tournament playlist. You should see a countdown no longer than 5 minutes, just click on the mode and hit the register button. You’re now ready to compete in the Tournament as soon as the countdown hits 0.

Once the countdown hits 0, you’ll be shown a bracket for all four competitive rounds, just hit ready up and you’re good to go.

Tournament Rewards

So what shiny new rewards can you earn from the Gunfight Tournament in Cold War? Not only will you get a nice XP payout, but there’s also emblems, calling cards, weapon charms, and a weapon blueprint up for grabs.

You can earn these rewards by progressing through the four competitive rounds. You can find the full list of rewards for the first Gunfight Tournament below:

  • Preliminaries Reward: Emblem – “Bolt of Inspiration”
  • Quarter-Finals Reward: Calling Card – “Street Mural”
  • Semi-Finals Reward: Charm – “Magnificent”
  • Finals: Weapon Blueprint – “Magnificence” Assault Rifle Blueprint

You can find an image below which includes all the details of the Magnificence Blueprint up for grabs.

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