Cold War, Warzone Season 4 release date, and what’s new in Season 4 explained •

What to expect from Call of Duty’s next season.

Season 4 of Black Ops – Cold War: Warzone is almost here – the second season for Verdansk’s 80s-themed map.

With the tease that “a new threat is coming from above”, you can expect the usual array of new additions – character skins, weapons, and of course, a new Battle Pass with rewards to unlock between Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War.

This page explains the Black Ops – Cold War and Warzone Season 4 release time and everything we know so far.

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When is the new Season of Warzone coming out? Warzone Season 4 release date and time in BST, CEST, EDT and PDT explained

The Black Ops – Cold War and Warzone Season 4 release date is Thursday, June 17th, and based on previous seasons, you can expect release times at the following:

  • UK: 7am (BST / UK)
  • Europe: 8am (CEST / West Europe)
  • East Coast US: 2am (EST / East Coast US)
  • West Coast US: 11pm on June 16th (PST / West Coast US)

Again, though not confirmed, these times are when previous seasons have launched (ever since the Black Ops: Cold War integration into Warzone) – and there’s no reason to think that will change with Season 4.

Warzone Season Four Gameplay Trailer

This means Europe will wake up to the new season, or those across the pond having the option of making a start in the late evening / very early morning. (Which we would advise against – your sleep is important!)

Previously, players have also been able to download the update now ahead of the new season starting – though it’s worth leaving your console on standby overnight to make sure any additional patches are downloaded if they come up.

As always, be prepared for the above times to change in case there’s any last minute changes or setbacks from the developer.

Learn our recommendations for the best weapons in Season 3, including popular choices such as the AMAX, AMP 63, CARV.2, FARA 83, Stoner 63, AK-47 and Bullfrog, as well as new additions PPSh-41 and Swiss K31.

What’s new in Season 4 of Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone?

The first trailer for Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone Season 4 made its debut during Summer Game Fest on June 10th, giving us a glimpse of what to expect – including the tease of:

  • Satellites which have crashed onto Verdansk:
  • New vehicle types, including motorbikes:
  • Black Ops 2 map Hijacked, featuring a super yacht, in Black Ops: Cold War
  • New Black Ops: Cold War maps ‘Collateral’ and ‘Amsterdam’

Publisher Activision will disclose more on Monday, June 14th as part of a “full Intel Drop and Roadmap”. Otherwise, we can otherwise expect new Operators, weapons, and modes across both games.

Until then, if you need a hand with specific Warzone weapons, we have class and loadout explainers for the AMAX, AMP 63, CARV.2, FARA 83 and Stoner 63.

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