Dead By Daylight Graphical Update Today (May 4)

Dead By Daylight is set to release a brand new graphical and model update today (May 4), DualShockers have got everything you need to know about the visual improvements coming to the popular horror game.

The developers have been on a roll with releasing content for Dead By Daylight lately! Most recently, players were treated to a brand new killer and survivor to play as. Check out the official trailer for Trickster below.

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Dead by Daylight – All-Kill Official Trailer | PS4



Dead by Daylight – All-Kill Official Trailer | PS4





Graphic & Model Update

The Dead By Daylight developers have been releasing graphical updates for their existing realms and today’s update brings changes to the Coldwind Farm Realm, as well as an updated character model for The Doctor.

Check out some screenshots from the official Dead By Daylight forum below, showcasing the graphical improvements to the Coldwind Farm Realm.

You can also find a video of the graphical changes in today’s update found below, which also showcases the changes to The Doctor.

Release Time

The new graphic and model update is expected to go live in-game today (May 4, 2021). Based on previous update times, you can expect the new update to go live at the following times.

8AM PDT / 10AM CST / 11AM EDT / 4 PM GMT

This information is based on previous updates, patches, and new chapter releases. No official time has been given by the Dead By Daylight developers. If a more accurate release time is given, this article will be updated.

Patch Notes

As of writing, the Dead By Daylight developers have not released any official patch notes for the May 4 update. You can find a lot of the changes above, but there are currently no official patch notes.

Once bEHAVIOUR release the full patch notes for the graphical update, we will update this article.

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