Dying Light Update 1.36 Patch Notes (Today, June 7)

A free Dying Light update adds a brand new story mode to the Hellraid expansion along with a bunch of quality-of-life improvements.

Techland has a surprising announcement for the Dying Light players today. A free update is now available across all platforms, adding some new gameplay features to Hellraid, including a brand new story mode.

Since Hellraid was released as extensive content for Dying Light, it was only offering a raid mode. However, with today’s update, you will be invited to a horrifying story-driven experience where you need to rescue a powerful, mysterious mage.

Dying Light: Hellraid – The Prisoner Release Trailer



Dying Light: Hellraid – The Prisoner Release Trailer





Dying Light Update 1.36 Patch Notes

New Story Mode – The Prisoner:

  • You can now choose between Raid Mode and Story Mode before entering the Hellraid experience.
  • The story mode offers a new adventure in which you will need to find a mage named Lucius in the Ba’al’s Temple, rescue him, and defeat Anat.
  • There will be three quests: Clavis Stone, Imprisoned, and Beneath Seals.
  • You can play the Story mode either solely or with friends in co-op mode.
  • The Story mode is set in a brand new area of the Temple.

New Weapon:

  • You can craft a new bow called Corrupted Justice in Hellraid.
  • There’s also a two-handed Bonecruncher hammer.

New Enemy:

  • You will face new shield-holder enemies in the temple.

Other Notable Features:

  • New Vanquisher Hellraid rank
  • New lighting system
  • Stamina Potion
  • New sounds and animations
  • New minimap
  • No need to stashing and retrieving equipment
  • Balance changes
  • New inventory management
  • Bug fixes

Dying Light is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Recently, Techland launched a Platinum Edition of the game including all post-launch expansions for the aforementioned platforms. The good news is, it’s currently available with a heavy discount on Steam.

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