ESO Update Today, July 8

The latest update for The Elder Scrolls Online has arrived today for consoles.

The PC and Mac versions have already received their own update earlier.

As usual, the new patch notes for ESO include a bunch of fixes for both Blackwood and Greymoore DLCs resolving several issues for companions, combat, and quests.

It is important to note that those who are playing on PS4 will receive the update version 2.19. But for those who own the PS5 copy, the update version is 01.000.002.

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The Elder Scrolls VI – Official Announcement Teaser



The Elder Scrolls VI – Official Announcement Teaser





The new ESO update today brings a ton of improvements covering many areas of the game such as Combat and Gameplay. Numerous bugs affecting Companions and Blackwood quests have been fixed.

There are fixes for some crashes and various UI errors as well. The developers say that they are still working on fixing some of the more prevalent crashes on PS5 and we hope those would arrive soon.

For now, the latest update is approximately 443.8 MB in size and you can check the full patch notes for ESO PS5/PS5 below:

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood


  • Fixed an issue where a Companion could load in before their equipped gear.
  • Fixed an issue where Companions could unintentionally gain experience after completing a Dark Anchor event.
  • Companions will now more reliably turn to face their enemy when entering combat.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could result in character display issues when exiting the outfit station after outfitting a Companion.

Crafting and Economy:


  • Survey Report biomes for Blackwood are now clustered closer together, based on your feedback.

Quests and Zones:


  • All main quests in Blackwood will now be displayed as a Main Story in your journal and quest tracker.
  • Updated the interaction cameras for Writ boards found in Leyawiin.
  • Sevilo Andus’s face will no longer shift into a horrible abomination of nightmares.
  • You can now travel to groupmates within Deepscorn Hollow.

Oblivion Portals

  • Monsters in Oblivion Portals will now spawn faster.

Public Dungeons

  • The ogre champions Grapnur the Crusher and Burthar Meatwise in Zenithar’s Abbey will no longer end up in a state where you cannot target them.


  • A Deadly Secret:
    • Captain Rian Liore will no longer call you over and then act offended when you approach him. So rude.
    • Fixed an issue where leaving Councilor Jirach’s manor before completing the quest steps inside could prevent you from re-entering.
  • A Keep’s Ransom: Fixed an issue where dying before speaking to Erithel would cause her to despawn.
  • A Mysterious Event:
    • Bastian will no longer lose rapport when you kill the boss at the end of the quest. (They were close once, but we don’t talk about that anymore…)
    • Group members not on the quest can now use the escape portal at the end of the quest.
  • A Proper Blessing: Fixed an issue where the quest assist for the Bog Dog dung piles wasn’t displaying properly. Now you can find your dung that much easier.
  • An Abundance of Stibbons: Removed collision on vine-tongues to fix issues with you being unable to interact with them.
  • Haunted Legacy:
    • Fixed an issue where the quest step “Watch Faric Gemain” would sometimes not advance.
    • Fixed an issue where the skeleton needed for this quest would sometimes spawn underground.
  • Heroes of Blackwood: Fixed an issue where a duplicate Mirri would show up at the gathering even if you had her out as a Companion.
  • Pyre of Ambition: Vandacia will no longer teleport back and forth to the wall, rendering him invincible.
  • Rites of the Sul-Xan: Fixed an issue where captives would sometimes spawn under the ground.
  • Shadows of the Swamp: Fixed an issue where Heem-Jas would return as a follower on an unintended quest step.
  • Shattered and Scattered: Fixed an issue where Liam or Ardia would survive even if you did not complete the optional respective objectives.
  • Shrine of Nocturnal: Fixed an issue where approaching the Nocturnal shrine from the wrong spot could prevent the quest from advancing properly.
  • The Ghost of Giovesse: Fixed an issue where you could not interact with Yisara when needing to speak to her.
  • The Rising Winds:
    • Fixed an issue where Nuxul would sometimes not appear when you needed to talk with him.
    • Argonian player characters will now be able to advance the quest if accepting it from anyone other than Nuxul.
  • Things Lost, Things Found: Fixed an issue where you could trigger a conversation scene prematurely from the floor below in the Rosy Lion Inn.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoore

Quests and Zones:


  • Fixed an issue where Lost Souls in Harrowstorms would face your Companion and not move toward the Witch Pike.

Base Game

Crafting and Economy:


  • Red Torchbugs now have a chance to drop a Torchbug Thorax.

Crown Store And Crown Crates:


  • Updated the text on the Resplendent Sweetroll furnishing to reflect that the version acquired with Seals of Endeavor cannot be converted to Crown Gems.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sunflare Iron Wolf mount did not have any light visual effects.

Exploration and Itemization:


  • Most Achievements and Endeavors that increment with a kill and do not require a specific type of killing blow will now increment with assists as well as killing blows.



  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash if a monster died after one of its attackers left the area it perished.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when previewing certain collectibles in the Housing Preview.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when changing zones or logging out while also changing the members in your group, including the player leaving a group.

Quests and Zones:


  • Ripple Effect: Fixed an issue where you could not see Alana’s spirit if you had an active Companion.

The Rift

  • Audio in The Rift will no longer be interrupted by random suspense music on top of the normal zone music. Spooky…



  • Fixed a UI error that would appear related to skills.
  • Fixed an issue where searching a bank could result in erratic menu navigation when equipping weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where some Search boxes (like inventory, bank, etc.) wouldn’t properly lose focus when navigating away from them.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when selecting Appearance in the Companion Menu.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when exiting the Guild Trader while previewing an item.

Ability Bar Timers

  • Fixed an issue where ability bar timers could display large values for stack counts above abilities.

The above-mentioned details of the ESO update today have been taken from the official forum. You can refer to it for more details.

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