Fortnite: New Ant-Man Skin Leaked

The Marvel x Fortnite collabs keep coming!

If you played Fortnite during Chapter 2: Season 4, you probably remember the huge Marvel crossover that happened. Well, it looks like the crossover is set to continue if new leaks are to be believed, as Ant-Man may be getting his very own skin.

Players were able to pick up some pretty famous Marvel characters in Fortnite, such as Iron Man, Venom, Groot, Black Widow and more during Season 4. But many fans were left puzzled as to why Ant-Man wasn’t included in the star-studded lineup, but it’s now clear they had BIGGER plans for the tiny hero.

See what I did there?

Fortnite Ant-Man Leaks

It looks like one of the final additions to Fortnite Season 5 will in fact be Marvel Superhero, Ant-Man. With the theme of Season 5 being bounty hunters, Agent Jonesy has been bringing together the strongest team from across the galaxy, and now Ant-Man may be joining the group of Bounty Hunters.

Agent Jonesy brings in various hunters from different franchises through portals, and the latest leak looks to be surrounding the appearance of a new hunter portal. Fortnite leaker, @VastBlastt, has revealed a video of the new hunter portal which looks to be hinting at the arrival of Ant-Man.

You can check out the video in the tweet below! The photo and sound effects seem to point towards Ant-Man joining Fortnite, but let us know what you think in the comments below.

When Will It Release?

So, when will you be able to get your hands on the new Ant-Man skin? Well, Season 5 is set to end around March 15 and it’s likely the skin will be available before the end of the season. The zero point story in the current season would explain how Ant-Man could be introduced, but with the story likely to change in Season 6 there wouldn’t be much of an explanation about the new skin.

There’s no confirmation, but we expect the new skin to come before the end of Season 5, or possibly at the very end date of the season.

How Can You Get It?

The new skin is likely to be made available in the Fortnite Item Shop, so keep your eyes peeled and save your V-Bucks for when Ant-Man arrives!

If you want to know more about the release of Chapter 2: Season 6, check out our guide to the new season.

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