Fortnite Pulga Locker Bundle – Is it Available in The Store?

Fortnite still manages to dominate other multiplayer games in terms of new cosmetics and outfits. Each day, the game’s item shop introduces something new and amazing for players.

Today(March 28), Fortnite posted an image on Instagram saying that the much-awaited Pulga Locker bundle is available in the item shop.

However, as of now, players can’t see the bundle anywhere in the store and they’re wondering why.

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What’s in the Pulga Locker Bundle?

In case you’re wondering what cosmetics are available in the Pulga Locker bundle, here’s the complete list:

  • Driver (Harvesting tool): 500 V bucks
  • Magic Wings (Glider): 1200 V bucks
  • Rainbow Rodeo (Wrap): 500 V bucks
  • Scrappy (Back Bling): 1200 V bucks
  • Sparkplug (Outfit): 1200 V bucks
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Who is Pulga?

Ever since the Pulga Locker bundle got leaked, Fortnite players have been asking one thing, “Who is Pulga?”

Well, Pulga is a famous Brazilian Fortnite streamer who is also a member of TeamLiquid. The player has more than 400k followers on Twitch and 260k followers on Instagram. Besides creating amazing content on Twitch, Pulga is also an FNCS duo winner. So, it’s no wonder why Epic decided to dedicate an entire Fortnite cosmetics bundle to the player.

When will the Fortnite Pulga Locker Bundle be available?

Right now, the Pulga Locker bundle isn’t available in the game’s item shop. However, Fortnite accidentally posting the bundle’s picture confirms that it will be available in tonight’s item shop.

Generally, Fortnite updates the item shop daily at 00:00 UTC, 5:00 pm PT, 8:00 pm ET. It likely means that players should be able to buy the Pulga Locker bundle on March 29.

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