Genshin Impact – How To Find The Barrier And Destroy It

A lot of players are wondering where they can find the barrier in Genshin Impact.

Once you have scanned the fox statues with Memento lens and recited the sacred words in the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest, you will be able to the barrier. Since its location won’t be marked on the map, finding the barrier can be a bit difficult.

But fret not! We have created this guide on how to find the barrier in Genshin Impact 2.0 and destroy it as well.

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Character Demo – “Kamisato Ayaka: Camellia in Winter Snow” | Genshin Impact



Character Demo – “Kamisato Ayaka: Camellia in Winter Snow” | Genshin Impact





Find The Barrier Near Abandoned Shrine

First of all, you need to make sure that you have the Rust Worn Key because this is an important item required to open the gate that blocking you from accessing the barrier.

You can find the Rust Worn Key in the bottom of the well that is located behind the old man’s house in Konda village where you solved the first puzzle.

Once you have it, you need to head towards a cavern below the abandoned shrine. To find the barrier you need to go across a small pool to the location marked on the map below (cursor):

Here you will find a gate that can only be opened by the Rust Work Key. After going inside you will find an Oculus and the barrier as well. Here you need to solve another puzzle and destroy the barrier.

How To Destroy The Barrier In Genshin Impact

This puzzle will be much like the previous puzzles you have solved and it requires you to arrange some lanterns in the correct order.

After crossing the gate you will find a wooden structure with five lanterns surrounding it. Set the first lantern that you purify to number one. Then set the lantern directly under the structure to number two, and the remaining three around the structure should be set to number three so that they can be activated at the same time.

Once you set it up correctly, another powerful samurai will appear which needs to be defeated. Doing so will destroy the barrier in Genshin Impact.

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