God of War Secret Box Art Location Has Fans Puzzled

A location on God of War’s box art has fans trying to figure out the location many years after the title’s release.

God of War (2018) needs no introduction. Its touching and captivating narrative has been played and loved by millions of gamers across the globe. Telling the story of the turbulent yet loving bond behind father and son, God of War has been one of PlayStation’s finest releases to date.

Even though Sony Santa Monica have, so far, remained tight-lipped on what the sequel could include in detail, fans are currently more invested in the over three-year-old box art for God of War.

Back 4 Blood – PC Trailer



Back 4 Blood – PC Trailer






Over on Reddit, fans have been debating on God of War‘s box art and a curious structure in the backdrop of its art. Some eagle-eyed watchers thought that the dimly lit building on the right-hand side of the mountain could very well be that of the Council of the Valkyries but since it was submerged under the Lake of Nine, it’s probably too high.

Another commenter made the suggestion that it could be a reference to Bleak Falls Barrow in The Elder Scrolls or, in the same vein, High Hrothgar which is home to the Greybeards of Skyrim.

While some joked that it’s Lady Dimitrescu’s castle or a KFC run by Sindri, the most sensible comment was that it’s a location that either didn’t make it in the final cut of the game or was placed elsewhere in the end. Either way, unless a dev from Santa Monica Studios clears up what and why the mysterious building is there, we can merely speculate and that’s where the fun lies, after all.

Even more important, what do you think is it? It’s certainly a great conversation to have with your fellow God of War fans.

God of War: Ragnarok is due to release in 2022 on PS5 and PS4, following a delay from its initial 2021 release window. 

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