God of War’s Photo Mode Is Broken Down by Professional Photographer

If you ever wanted to know more about in-game photo mode, this could come in very handy indeed.

Photo mode in the games we play is a blessing that allows us to capture beautiful moments or create unique images ourselves with hundreds of different tweaks. But did you ever want to know what certain tabs are and how to get the best out of your game photography?

Thankfully, a real-life photographer breaks down in-game settings and in their latest YouTube video, they take a look through the photo mode of God of War.

God of War Photo Mode

YouTuber Mir-or-Image takes a look behind the critically acclaimed God of War in a series they call Photo Mode Perspective. Throughout the video, Mir-or-Image discusses how players can take better pictures in their favourite games and also what’s pretty cool is, their advice is adaptable to real-life photography, too.

For those who didn’t know this: field of view and focal length is actually the same thing. Mir-or-Image states that “Normally if you’re going to take a picture of someone, try to avoid wide-angle lenses unless you’re trying to capture a scene unless you’re trying to capture a background or something surrounding the person. That’s when you should probably use a wide-angle lens. But if you’re taking a photo of someone, something more along the lines of telephoto would work a little better.”

Settings Explained

Want to know what F- stop is used for and how you can use it to perfect your in-game photos? Mir has a ton of useful and knowledgeable advice that will help guide you through all of your in-game capture moments as well as grant want-to-be photographers real-life skills. Bargain!

As of now, we still have no title yet for the unnamed sequel to God of War but, as it stands, it is still slated down to happen this year, apparently. To keep yourself occupied until whenever it does launch, check out the God of War: Fallen God comic.

If you have no idea what all the fuss is about, God of War is available exclusively on PS4 and you can pick up a physical copy from Amazon right now.

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