Hitman 3 ‘7 Deadly Sins’ DLC

It’s no secret that IO Interactive absolutely crushed their latest release. Now that we’re close to Hitman 3‘s 7 Deadly Sins DLC, everyone wants to know about the Act 1: Greed release time.

Excitement for the first part of the seven part Hitman 3 DLC is at an all time high. With the global release of Act 1: Greed tomorrow, fans want to know when exactly they’ll be able to reenter the World of Assassination.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hitman 3 7 Deadly Sins Act 1: Greed DLC release time.

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Hitman 3 7 Deadly Sins Act 1: Greed DLC Release Time

According to the official IO Interactive website, Act 1: Greed will be releasing worldwide on Tuesday, March 30 at 6 a.m. PST / 8 a.m. CST / 9 a.m. EST / 1 p.m. GMT. To find and download the expansion, head to the online store for your platform of choice at that time and purchase it there.

Hitman 3 7 Deadly Sins Act 1: Greed Price

There are two ways to purchase the DLC expansion for Hitman 3. You can buy all the upcoming content packs at once for one bulk price, or you can wait for each to come out and buy them individually. You can buy the entire 7 Deadly Sins Collection for USD$29.99 or buy the Act 1: Greed pack (listed as “Content Pack (Sin)” in the store) for USD$4.99.

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