How Did Jax Lose His Arms in the Mortal Kombat Games?

Jax is a prominent character in the new trailer for Mortal Kombat. So how did Jax lose his arms?

Today, a new red band trailer dropped for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie that’s scheduled to release later this year. It’s full of the kind of intense violence and gore that you might expect from anything brandishing the Mortal Kombat logo. Among plot details, character introductions, and the promise of another Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero fight, we see another iteration of Jax losing his arms. This isn’t the first time the guy has had his limbs amputated on-screen so it got me wondering, how Jax loses his arms throughout the series.

The question “how did Jax lose his arms” has many layers to it as it’s happened many times in the Mortal Kombat canon. The first time we actually see it happen is in Mortal Kombat 9. Jax and Sonya run into Sub-Zero and the group starts talking. They’re interrupted by Ermac, who Jax then goes to attack. Unfortunately for Jax, Ermac has psychic powers. Ermac then freezes Jax and proceeds to blow his arms off.

While Mortal Kombat 9 is the only in-game time we’ve seen Jax lose his arms, we’ve seen it happen a few times outside the games. In the movie Mortal Kombat: Scorpion’s Revenge, Jax fights the four-armed giant Goro. At the end of the fight, Goro grabs Jax with two of his arms and uses the remaining two to pull off Jax’s arms in front of a big crowd.

In the comic adaptation of the games, Jax fights Baraka who uses his arm blades to nearly sever Jax’s arms clean off. Baraka gets away, but the damage was done.

In this new movie adaptation of Mortal Kombat, we see a very brief scene in the trailer of Jax investigating a frozen wasteland only to be caught by Sub-Zero who quickly disposes of him by freezing and smashing Jax’s arms.

For more on the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, check out our look into Joe Taslim, the actor behind the new Sub-Zero.

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