Lady Dimitrescu Memes Have Helped Her and Her Daughters Take Over the Internet

Lady Dimitrescu memes have taken over the internet as she and her daughters have become instant stars. Here are some of the best.

When Lady Dimitrescu first popped up in the Resident Evil Village Showcase, we all knew she and her daughters were going to be instant stars. However, it’s incredible how much they’ve blown up in the last few weeks. Even Capcom was incredibly surprised by all the Lady Dimitrescu memes fans have been posting all over the internet. And, while there are almost too many to even look at in a day, we’ve collected some of the best below. See Lady D and her brood in all their memey glory below.

As mentioned, Capcom announced yesterday that they’ve seen the outpouring of support from the fan community. If the tweet above is any indication, it doesn’t seem like that “attention” is going to slow down anytime soon. Most of the focus seems to rightly be on Lady Dimitrescu’s height. Here are a few favorites that focus slowly on how ridiculously tall she is.

With this Lady Dimitrescu meme from KRM, we see some of the many life struggles the hot vampire must go through on the daily. It reminds me a ton of an old NBA TV video that looked at the day-to-day struggles Dikembe Mutombo went through. And he’s “only” 7′ 2″. Just imagine how tough life must be as a 9′ 6″ giant.

BossLogic has also jumped in on the fun. They’ve mashed Lady D up with Godzilla for a stunning movie poster. And honestly, I think she’d fare much better than King Kong in this matchup of two titans. I mean, have you seen how long her fingernails are?

There’s also this post from user SethKlokk that shows what Lady Dimitrescu would look like if she joined Mutumbo in the NBA. You have to wonder if she’d sit down with him for a nice bowl of “pasta pasta” though. Simply put, she’d tear the league to shreds. Not even prime Yao Ming could stand up to her imposing figure.

However, my favorite of all the Lady Dimitrescu memes are the ones that have been popping up on Game of Thrones Reddit. Check out a few of them below.

New Big Woman in the VIIIage beyond the wall from freefolk

When I visit r/gaming lately: from freefolk

As you can see, they all have to do with Tormund Giantsbane and his infatuation with tall women. Every time I see one, I can’t help but start cackling. It’s just the perfect mashup between two properties that have nothing to do with each other. And sticking with the tall memes, one user had a go at what it looks like when Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters are having a chat.

However, I don’t think anything can top the Lady Dimitrescu meme that shows exactly what everyone will look like as they run away from her and her daughters. It’s one of the older ones of this collection, but it’s also among the best. Just give it a look and prepare to collapse from laughing if you’ve yet to see it.

Those are just some of our favorite Lady Dimitrescu memes. She and her daughters have inspired quite a few creations, so make sure to share your favorites in the comments below. Resident Evil Village comes to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on May 7. And speaking of Xbox, even they’re getting in on the fun.

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