Mauer Der Toten Headgear Locations, What to do With Uranium

Mauer Der Toten, Call of Duty: Cold War’s latest Zombies map was released earlier today and it is filled with tons of surprises for fans out there. It’s been just a few months since Call of Duty: Cold War was launched, and it has managed to dethrone many FPS games out there. With frequent updates, Treyarch Studios have managed to keep fans hooked to the game.

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The Season 4 Reloaded update, which is the midseason update, made several significant changes to the game. Apart from the Mauer Der Toten map, we did receive a plethora of other stuff, ranging from weapons easter eggs, and more.

While the map was released earlier today, the main quest went live in the game just a few hours ago. While we have made a guide on how you can complete the various steps in the main quest, there are two specific tasks that players are having trouble with.

Mauer Der Toten Trailer | Season Four | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Zombies



Mauer Der Toten Trailer | Season Four | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Zombies





Mauer Der Toten Headgear Piece Locations, What to do With Uranium

One of the first issues players face is finding the headgear piece locations. Well if you are having trouble with it, you can find the locations below. Do note that you need to use the Wonder Weapon in order to get all of these parts.

  • Shoot the radio tower at spawn (with Wonder Weapon)
  • Shoot the radio tower next to the Armor station (with Wonder Weapon)
  • Shoot the fuseboxes near the subway track (with Wonder Weapon)

The second issue players are facing is what they can do with the uranium. For that, they need to craft the uranium on the workbench. The workbench can be found near the trials machine. Once you have the crafted uranium, you can use it to attach it to either side of the zip line. They will collide and you can collect it afterward.

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