NieR Replicant – Where to Catch Rainbow Trout For Fisherman’s Gambit Quest

Yesterday, Square Enix’s latest action-RPG, NieR Replicant, released to the world.

The game is a remake of a PS3 favourite and is already drawing high praise from critics and players alike.

As with all of Square’s RPGs, there is plenty for players to do, including the main story, side quests and everything in between.

One of the side quests in the game is titled “The Fisherman’s Gambit” and requires players to catch a Rainbow Trout – here’s where you find a Rainbow Trout in Nier Replicant and how to catch it.

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NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… – Accolades Launch Trailer



NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… – Accolades Launch Trailer




Where is the Rainbow Trout Located in NieR Replicant?

The Rainbow Trout has one specific location within NieR Replicant and that is The Northern Plains.

This location lies just north of the Village and is a huge open plain for players to explore. The Rainbow Trout itself is located at the Dock within the Northern Plains area. This sits just below the junkyard entrance.

How to catch the Rainbow Trout.

First of all, players need to get themselves a Lure as this is the best bait for catching the Rainbow Trout. This bait can be purchased from vendors within the game.

Players will then need to fish. To do this, approach the water and select your bait. Following this, it’s a waiting game.

The bait will get up to three small bites from the fish, which will cause the bobber to dip up and down, but it’s up to players to wait and anticipate when the fish is actually hooked. Effectively, as soon as you see the rod start to bend, reel it in. If you let it go after three nibbles, however, you’ve missed out and the fish will escape.

Reeling the trout in is done by pulling down on the left stick initially and then moving it in the opposite direction that the fish is swimming.

Overall, the Rainbow Trout should be a relatively easy one to snag and after wearing it down, it’s all yours.

You can then opt to sell the fish for 600 Gold or use it to complete part 3 of The Fisherman’s Gambit Quest.

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