Outriders Authentication Failed – Check Server status, fix server issues

Outriders has already been one of the next big things in the gaming industry. The game has witnessed immense popularity during its demo stages, and that has carried forward to the full release as well.

The game was released a few days ago and players are already quite obsessed with the game. If you have been playing the game lately, you might be well aware of it’s potential as a third-person coop game.

Outriders Authentication Failed Error – How to fix?

Many players have been facing the authentication failed error in the game and are wondering how can they fix it. Unfortunately, the authentication failed error is an issue caused by the server. That means that if the game’s server is going down for some reason or the other, you might be facing that issue.

While most of the issues caused right now is because of the game’s servers which is being overloaded because of the intense hype around the game, it should be noted that your internet could also be the culprit here. To fix that, you need to close the game and then restart your router. Wait for a few minutes and then start your router again.

Once you router reboots completely, you can start the game again and check if the issue is resolved. This should help you fix the issue if it is from your end.

Outriders Authentication Failed Error – How to check server status?

If the issue is not from your end, it means that the game’s servers are down. You can stay updated on the latest status about the game’s servers by following the official Twitter account of Outriders. Developers People Can Fly regularly update the status there, so you can be well updated with the latest happenings. You can also check server status on status.outriders.net.

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