Outriders Crossplay Fix – How to Play With Friends

Outriders has had an explosive launch. It’s the hottest game in town right now, but it’s also facing some major server issues.

Before the today’s server shutdown, players were facing issues trying to connect with friends using crossplay.

Connections were being dropped left and right as players were booted from games.

There is a workaround for these issues (as soon as servers go live again) that individual players can use, however, it also isn’t particularly reliable.

Here’s the current Outriders crossplay fix.

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Outriders Crossplay Fix

The workaround to fix crossplay is relatively simple. All you need to do is invite your friends to play using an invite code and have them accept it. The major problem with this fix is that it doesn’t always work. Usually, players will be able to join the lobby and start the game, but in a few seconds they’ll be kicked back out.

Square Enix has advised players to not use this strategy as it can result in the loss of progress from unsaved files. They ask that players simply wait for the crossplay issues to be solved.

Additionally, this fix will not work while servers are down for maintenance. It’s unclear when they’ll be back up, but hopefully, as soon as they’re live again, crossplay will be fixed as well.

Outriders Server Issues

If you’re experiencing server issues with Outriders, don’t worry you’re not alone. The Outriders dev team has turned all servers off in an attempt to stabilize and fix the issues that players have been experiencing. For our full coverage and updates, check out this article here. We’ll let you know as soon as servers are live again.

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