Outriders Servers Down Today April 2

Outriders is finally here and thanks to it’s inclusion in Xbox Game Pass, tons of people are logging in to play. Unfortunately, the servers are down.

It feels like every major online multiplayer game has some big issues right when they launch and Outriders is no exception.

Looks like some Outriders servers are down today, April 2. Here’s everything we know about when they’ll be back up.

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Outriders Servers Down

If you’re having issues with Outriders, don’t worry you’re not alone. Because of the large amount of people rushing to play the hottest new third-person shooter, servers are having some issues.

The official Outriders Twitter account tweeted today, “Heads up – We’re aware of server issues and are looking into it.”

They’ve also provided a link to a server status web page that allows anyone to check the history of server maintenance. As of 6:16 p.m. UTC, the Outriders team is currently “investigating an issue that is affecting the availability of Core Game Components” and “investigating an issue that may result in degraded performance to the Multiplayer.”

Along side that, a fix has been issued to help stabilize the multiplayer component.

Unfortunately, if you’re having a hard time connecting, there’s no official word on when you might be able to expect to connect, but hopefully, servers will all be back up and running soon.

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