Overwatch Concept Art — All of The Best Pieces Released From the Vault

Today, Blizzard is sharing all kinds of Overwatch concept art. Get a look inside the vault to see where some of your favorites came from.

Blizzard is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary in the run-up to BlizzConline next week. Today, they’ve taken the celebration to the next level by opening up their content vaults to give fans an inside look at early concept art for its biggest games. The Overwatch concept art, in particular, is an incredible look back at some of the game’s most beloved characters. Below, I’ve collected some of the best in one place for your viewing pleasure. Let’s start with an early look at Sombra.

You’ll have to excuse Blizzard’s typo there. They haven’t actually been working on Overwatch since 1994. Instead, that date should read 2014. It is pretty crazy how far Sombra’s come from those original designs. You can see her final form slowly start to take form, particularly in the last shot. There, she finally gets her trademark purple, those she’s still missing those cool robot strips in her hair.

We also got a look at Mercy’s concept art. It’s very interesting to see that they concepted out both male and female versions of the character. Obviously, I think most fans prefer the current incarnation, but it’s still neat to see where the character could’ve gone in a different universe.

While this is just a taste of all the Overwatch concept art Blizzard has sat in its vault, it’s a nice smattering of content. Over the coming days, I’d expect to see them drop even more as we move toward BlizzConline. Make sure to check back next week for all the updates coming out of Blizzard’s big online conference.

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