R6 Siege Jackal Elite Skin Set

Ubisoft officially revealed the R6 Jackal elite skin set a few hours earlier. The very first elite set to an operator from Operation Velvet Shell.

Finally, a Spanish operator in Rainbow Six Siege receives an elite skin set. Ubisoft surprised Jackal fans with the character’s very first elite set today, which can be purchased right now through the in-game shop.

Although some operators have two or more elite sets in Rainbow Six Siege, there are a significant number of operators who don’t even have a single elite pack.

Of course, the popularity of the operator is a vital factor in when he/she can get an elite set in the game. When it comes to Jackal, we all know that he is not a favorite operator in the Ranked matches. Most of the time, he is among the top five operators with the highest ban rate in the Attackers roster.

However, it seems Ubisoft tries to encourage players to a friendlier approach towards Jackal by introducing a brand new elite set for the operator.

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R6 Jackal Elite Set Release Date

Thankfully, the Jackal elite skin pack is now available in the in-game store. The elite set includes a headgear, a uniform, a unique Jackal Chibi charm, a victory dance, and five weapon skins for C7E, PDW9, ITA 12L, USP40, and ITA 12S.

How Much Does the Jackal Elite Set Cost?

The whole bundle, called Rastreador, will cost you 1800 R6 Credits, and as you already know, you can only get R6 Credits by spending real-world money.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The game is playable for free for all the Xbox Game Pass subscribers on consoles or PC.

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