Rainbow Is Magic Again – The Limited Time Mode is Available Now

Today, a dream-come-true moment surprised all Rainbow Six Siege fans. Ubisoft has brought back the Rainbow Is Magic limited-time mode once again, and you can start playing it right now.

If you are an old-school Rainbow Six Siege fan, then you probably know why the community of the game is so happy today. A memorable limited-time event is back again, and you wouldn’t want to miss it if you have missed the original one.

Usually, a few weeks after the launch of every Rainbow Six Siege operation, Ubisoft rolls out a limited-time mode to invite more players to the new seasons and provide some fun moments with the same competitive core of the game.

Operation Crimson Heist introduced Flores as the new Attacking operator, and now it brings back one of the most memorable and popular limited-time modes in the history of Rainbow Six Siege: Magic.

What is Rainbow Is Magic Mode?

Back in 2019, Ubisoft Montreal released an April Fool’s Day specific limited-time mode called Rainbow Is Magic. Due to its incredibly funny and hilarious themes and skins, the mode received a positive reception from the fans.

Today, the mode is back once again to give you another chance for grabbing your favorite pink skins. The new version of the mode introduces new skin packs for Blackbeard, Smoke, Montagne, and Lord Tachanka and some other operators. Along with them, you will have access to Ash, Thermite, Frost, Bandit, Castle, Kapkan, Sledge, Thatcher, and Recruit, in the Rainbow Is Magic mode.

When Will It Be Available?

It’s available right now across all platforms. You will be able to play the limited-time mode until April 6.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The game is available for free for all the Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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