Shovel Knight Teams Up With Arby’s – What Does the Kid’s Meal Include?

Here’s everything you will get with the Arby’s Shovel Knight kid’s meal.

Apparently, fast food and gaming toys go together like peanut butter and jelly. It just seems to work and kids of all ages love nothing more than getting a little something special with their meals. Last month, we saw McDonald’s and The Pokemon Company teaming up for another collaboration that included a Pokemon-related toy and a pack of Trading Cards inside McDonald’s Happy Meals. Getting wind of this cool idea, popular restaurant Arby’s is traveling down the same road.

What does the Arby’s Kid Meal include?

I’m glad you asked. Over on Arby’s Twitter account, the company highlighted what hungry kids would be receiving with their meal. Along with the curly fries and the chicken tenders, there will also be Shovel Knight “launcher tokens” that include seven notable characters, The Enchantress, Black Knight, Specter Knight, Shield Knight, Doctor Knight (renamed from Plague Knight), and King Knight. Not stopping there, the kid’s meal characters will also come with their very own DLC code although, what the codes are for remains a mystery right at this moment. The codes can be redeemed on Nintendo’s Switch and Steam so there’s at least a choice available.

The Shovel Knight promotion will be in place at certain Arby restaurants so check to see if they are offering it at your local outlet before heading there. Hungry patrons have until May 31st so that gives you plenty of time to collect as many as possible.

While you shovel those kid’s meals down your throats, why not pick Shovel Knight up on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and other platforms to really get the full experience.

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