The Last of Us Art Conveys Ellie’s Struggle Through Comics

Artist Isabella Nalin provides Ellie’s heartbreak in comic book form.

There’s always something very special about every piece of fan art we highlight here at DualShockers. With each paintbrush stroke or pencil etching, characters from the games we love come alive and we’re able to revisit them once again through the incredible talents that lie within the gaming community. As I’m sure you have seen throughout the site, The Last of Us fan art is something that we love to dive into, and for a good reason. To add to that long list of creative artists, check out this fan art comic strip that showcases the heartbreaking story of Ellie from The Last of Us and its sequel, The Last of Us Part 2.

Isabella Nalin, known as redtreacle on Instagram, is an 18-year-old animation student. Bringing their artistic flare into The Last of Us hemisphere, Nalin turns Ellie from the game into a comic strip that narrates a heartwrenching story. Through the medium of the comic, we see a young Ellie telling Sam from the first game what she is scared of and then an older Ellie from Part 2 actually living out Ellie’s initial fears of being alone.


While it took some digging on Sam’s behalf to allow Ellie to be vulnerable enough to express her deepest anxieties where Ellie firstly said that scorpions were scary, he was able to finally get what her true fear really was. If you haven’t played The Last of Us Part 2, the ending of the comic will bring back many sad memories as a beaten-down Ellie walks away from the house she shared with Dina…totally alone. Joel is dead, Dina has left her with JJ and there’s no one left but Ellie.

It’s such a beautifully sad illustration and one that would bring a tear to anyone who has played the games. To show your support, head on over to Nalin’s Instagram to follow them or you can follow them on Twitter also.

The Last of Us is available on the PS4 or you can jump straight into The Last of Us Part 2 which is available exclusively on PS4.

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