The Last of Us Concept Art Shows Off Survivors Camp With Stunning East Asian Vibes

The Last of Us environments depict a gloomy post-apocalyptic landscape so how about we see some East Asian infusion?

The Last of Us came out in 2013 for the PS3, followed by a remaster for the PS4 in 2014 and fans just couldn’t get enough of its dystopian world. As nature took control over the streets and homes of TLOU, survivors set up camp in the game’s decrepit buildings.

The Last of Us Part II – Official Story Trailer | PS4



The Last of Us Part II – Official Story Trailer | PS4





While danger lay in wait around every corner for Joel and Ellie, you couldn’t help but fall in love with how Naughty Dog crafted environments that are so perilous yet so enchanting.

One of the many topics we like to write about here at DualShockers is the amazing fan art done by skilled members of the gaming community. From cosplay to speedruns, The Last of Us fans are among the most creative and dedicated.

As we start to approach The Last of Us Part 2‘s one-year anniversary, let’s check out some incredible concept fan art that infuses the beauty of Japan into TLOU‘s bleak world.

The Last of Us concept art gets inspiration from Japan

Morten Krebs, an artist from Denmark who’s currently based in London, has an incredible skill for concept art and design. Taking to Reddit to showcase their work, Krebs has taken the gloomy atmosphere from The Last of Us and added in their own touch of East Asian influence.

As you can see from the image below, Krebs has taken a fancy Japanese Restaurant that has been overtaken by nature and added in a group of survivors from the game.

I particularly love how you can still see the Japanese influence throughout, even in the smallest details. If you’d like to see how Krebs created the entire process for this concept piece, you can check out a timelapse right here. It’s well worth the watch.

If you’d like to play The Last of Us Part 2 in a stunning framerate target of 30 FPS or 60 FPS on the PS5, an update is now live. As for The Last of Us HBO series, filming will begin this July with the hopes of coming to an end in June next year.

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