This Last of Us Clicker Cosplay Looks Horrifically Awesome

There’s nothing like some disgustingly delicious Clicker cosplay to set the mood off for the week, right?

The Last of Us community is one hugely talented pool of people. When they are not making some fantastic fan art or discovering easter eggs hidden within the post-apocalyptic title, they are designing some of the best cosplays around.

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Clicker Cosplay

Over on Naughty Dog’s Twitter account, the studio love to show off some of the incredible Last of Us cosplays that fans love to dig into. The most recent one may be pretty disgusting to look at, but it portrays the game’s Clicker with amazing accuracy.

Cosplayer Allie, otherwise known as donttouchmymilk on Instagram, shows off her fungus ridden Clicker design that’s almost too real for comfort.

The Design

To craft her Clicker cosplay, Allie initially designed four masks that incorporated lots of layers for the folds of the fungus infection as they take shape. Next, she added the texture to illuminate that disgusting element we can see on top of the fungus and then finishing it off with some colours to give it a real juicy look.

Check out the four Clicker masks below and see which one is your favourite?

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More The Last of Us cosplay

If you can stomach this Clicker cosplay, check out this highly realistic one by photographer Alon Levin and cosplayer Gull Sheer that looks like a shot from the game.

Or how about this Clicker designed in Dreams by AncientHighs. We also have a terrifying Clicker cosplayer that may make you want to leave the lights on tonight when you see it. (that could just be wimpy me though)

As always, anything to do with HBO’s The Last of Us will be a well-kept secret and no release date has been set just yet. Speaking recently, Neil Druckmann said that the show will deviate somewhat from the game due to it being a different medium that encourages an element of change.

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