What Is Mini Royale Warzone? Returning Game Mode Explained

On April 8 Raven Software released a brand new Playlist Update for Warzone, the new playlist added in Mini Royale Trios amongst some other modes. But what exactly is Mini Royale in Warzone? We’ve got a full guide to the returning mode.

If you haven’t read all about the playlist update for both Cold War and Warzone that was released on April 8, you can find the full patch notes and changes at the link below.

Warzone Playlist Update – April 8

Every Thursday a new playlist update is released for both Cold War and Warzone, and this week was no different. On April 8, Raven Software not only moved the location of the Zombies from TV Station to Superstore but also introduced a fan favourite game mode into the mix.

Raven Software removed the following playlists from Warzone on April 8:

  • Verdansk – King Slayer
  • Plunder – Trios
  • Rebirth Island – Resurgence Duos

But when playlists leave, more must join, and the following modes were rotated in:

  • Verdansk – Mini Royale Trios
  • Plunder – Quads
  • Rebirth Island – Resurgence Quads

But what is Mini Royale?

Warzone Mini Royale Mode

The purpose of the Mini Royale game mode in Warzone is to keep the exact same Battle Royale feel within Verdansk, but make it a bit more short and sweet. The official description of the mode is:

“Faced pace Battle Royale in condensed areas of Verdansk”

There are fewer players dropping into the map, with the count down from 150 players to 75. You’ll be queued up in teams of three unless you choose to queue solo, but you’ll have to fight against teams of three on your own if you choose that option.

The storm circle has already enclosed by one when you drop in, so you’ll have a limited amount of space to drop into.

Apart from the limited amount of players, and reduced sections of Verdansk, the mode plays the same as the normal Battle Royale. But be ready for a quick fight when you drop into Mini Royale!

Cold War & Warzone Season 2 Reloaded

Season 2 kicked off on February 25 in Cold War and Warzone, but that wasn’t enough for players. Now, Treyarch is back with a bang as Season 2 Reloaded is officially here for Cold War and Warzone.

Three brand new weapons have been added to the game, a new zombies experience, brand new multiplayer maps, and so much more. You can check out everything about the mid-season update at the link below.

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