What Will Happen In The Season 5 Live Event? Major Details Revealed

The Zero Point is destabilizing!

There’s a lot to discuss as Chapter 2: Season 5 of Fortnite comes to an end, and one of the many things fans want to know is will there be a live event to finish this season and begin Season 6? Well, according to the latest leaks, the answer is yes! We’ve put all the latest info together to get you ready for the new season.

New Season 5 Live Event Leak

Each Season of Fortnite has a dedicated theme and story, while the themes are always vastly different, Epic Games somehow makes the story connect through each season. For Season 5, the theme revolves around Agent Jonesy putting together a group of the best bounty hunters in the universe in order to stop players leaving the Battle Royale island.

There’s been a lot going on with Season 5 in terms of crossovers, but not much in terms of story. But now with the latest 15.50 patch, there are some new teases about a big live event to end the season. It looks like the Zero Point on the island is destabilizing and cracked.

This is supposedly just the beginning of a series of smaller events leading to a big live event. According to Fortnite dataminer, Mang0e, the Zero Point will be sending out 4 waves of destabilization in the build-up to Season 6. Mang0e states he expects these 4 waves to be mini-events. You can check out his tweet below with the info!

In a series of Tweets, he goes on to claim that the Zero Point will begin messing with the in-game chat function, and will add Phaser and Chorus audio effects. It’s possible that this will happen when players are close to the Zero Point, or when one of the four waves occurs.

It’s important to note that these don’t come officially from Fortnite or Epic Games, so it’s not set in stone that this Season 5 live event will go down in Fortnite. But, Mang0e is a trusted data miner and leaker in the community, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

When Will Season 6 Start?

It looks like Chapter 2: Season 6 will begin as Season 5 ends on March 15, 2021. But nothing is official as of writing, you can check out the DualShockers guide to Season 6 where we look at the latest leaks and give our predictions.

Latest Season 5 Update

Fortnite v15.50 went live on March 2 and is the final update before Season 6 begins. There were some new additions and a lot of fixes, you can check out the patch notes for v15.50 here.

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