When Does Rocket League Season 3 Start? Release Time and Date Confirmed

Since going free-to-play in September last year, Rocket League has been in the ascendancy.

The title already had a rabid fanbase with thousands of players battling it out in the competitive world of car football. However, with the introduction of seasons and a battle pass system, the game has found new life.

With that, the latest season is due to start incredibly soon. Here’s everything we know about the Rocket League Season 3 release time and date.

What’s coming in Rocket League Season 3?

As expected, Season 3 will see the start of the new Rocket Pass.

Within the season, players can expect a major crossover between NASCAR, Formula 1 and the game itself. This means there will be a bunch of new cars from the two “legends” of racing.

Psyonix are also adding their own new car into the game, named Tyranno. This car is called the “master of dash” and will be available as part of the Rocket Pass.

Players will also have chance to play in the latest version of the DFH Stadium, which seems to have been kitted out with a track.

While these are all the updates that have been shared, players can expect a lot more in the pipeline.

What date does the new season start?

Rocket League players rejoice as Season 3 begins tomorrow.

The latest season is set to kick off around the world on April 7.

And what is the Rocket League Season 3 release time?

It’s good news for Rocket League players too in regards to the new season’s start time.

Rocket League Season 3 releases at 8 am PT/ 11 am ET/ 3 pm UTC/ 4 pm UK. That means the Season kicks of nice and early for those in the US and should be live by the time European players finish work or school!

We’ll be sure to keep this post updated should there be any delays or if the times for the new season change.

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