“Which of the Following Items Cannot be Converted Using the Parametric Transformer?” Genshin Event Answer

The Q&A event is back in Genshin Impact for some Mora rewards, and some questions are much more difficult than others, one of them being “Which of the following items cannot be converted using the parametric transformer”.

In theory, you could simply check which materials are allowed by logging in game, but seeing the Parametric Transformer has a cooldown, once a week use, you probably won’t be able to double check yourself.

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Character Teaser – “Kaedehara Kazuha: Moonlit Breeze” | Genshin Impact



Character Teaser – “Kaedehara Kazuha: Moonlit Breeze” | Genshin Impact






Which of the following items cannot be converted using the Parametric Transformer? Answer

When using the Parametric Transformer once a week, you can put in ore, monster drops, and cooking ingredients inside. In the Q&A, you’ll have to pick the answer not among these categories.

Moreover, drops from boss monsters can’t be put in the Parametric Transformer. So normally, the correct answer among those proposed will be the Spirit Locket of Boreas, the weekly boss drop. Note that the questions are also seemingly shuffled around between each player or server. So you might only get this question in the later days of the event. Be sure to keep it in mind till then.

Most of the other questions are all things you can heck in-game, so you definitely should login as you take on the Q&A. Keep in touch as we’ll soon publish another guide with all the answers for the first two days of the event.

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Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android. The Switch version is still in development, with miHoYo reportedly struggling with the port.

Genshin Impact will launch the Inazuma region of Teyvat on July 21 with its Version 1.7/2.0. The update will also finally add Ayaka as a playable character, making her return for the first time since the game’s first pre-release beta test in early 2020.

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